On T View – Valentino Guseli, Saas Fee

At just 13 years old, it’s insane to think what’s to come, when he already rides like this. Hear from the shredder himself in the second ever On T View, as he steps up his game once again, at the adrenaline fuelled progression mania – The Stomping Grounds Saas Fee, Switzerland.


On T View – Matty Cox, Saas Fee

The first ever On T View, featuring Matty Cox as he soaks up the good times on offer at the 2018 Stomping Grounds session in Saas Fee, Switzerland.

Corp. Est. Ep2

“Every year it’s much the same. We come, we ride, we laugh, we cry, we break, we recover, we film, and we make videos. Combine that with the moments in between — our chosen lifestyle that doesn’t necessarily lend to the protocols of corporations and establishments — and it’s enough to keep us energised year after year.

That’s not to say there isn’t hierarchy and politics within it all; which is why I enjoy creating this series so much. The only competition is individual with riders often watching their trick on the t-bar to see if it’s stomped properly. The crew gets stoked for each other when they get the trick because it means a better collective video. They often push each other — in what seems to be the healthy version of competition — to try something new. This is where I find the most fun in snowboarding.

Thanks once again to BOARDWORLD for the ongoing support in allowing me to create these edits the way I want to.” — Jakob Kennedy / Phootstep Films

Riders: Jesse Kennedy, Billy Hayman, Joel Cantle, Ben Mates, Troy Sturrock, and Angus Waddington.

Film/Edit: Phootstep Films
Photos: Jock Morrissey

Hits on the Side, Please 2

HOTS stems from the infectious feeling of fun and freedom on offer when we free ride our home resorts. From the very beginning of it all to now, side hits are very likely my favourite part of snowboarding.


Jakob Kennedy, Jesse Kennedy, Brodie Winning, Roni Cross, Tom Tulip, Billy Hayman, Sunny Steele, Aaron Brownless, Amber Arazny, Alex Brooks.

Let’s Split – Trip 4 2018 (Dead Horse Gap, NSW)

Lets Split 2018 TRIP 4 @ Dead Horse Gap, saw the biggest and most enthusiastic group or shredders we have ever seen (including 3 skiers) tour up the Ramshead Range, and then take runs in Leather Barrel Creek. And we were treated to epic peak season (stable) snow conditions.

Let’s Split – Trip 2 2018 (Guthega, NSW)

TRIP 2 for 2018 was held at Guthega in NSW on July 28th, with an amazing group of people, having an epic time on what was far from ideal snow conditions – which proves a successful day in the backcountry does not require perfect snow conditions …. just good company

Let’s Split – Trip 1 2018 (Mt Stirling, Vic)

Lets Split is a grass roots initiative to get more people SPLIT BOARDING in Australia. We have such varied & unique alpine terrain here, that is largely accessible from around the Resort areas. Lets Split is not a Guided Tour per se, its an invitation to join experienced Splitboarders touring in the Australian Backcountry.

TRIP 1 for 2018 was held at Mt Stirling in Victoria on July 14th, with an amazing group of people, having an epic time on what was far from ideal snow conditions – which proves a successful day in the backcountry does not require perfect snow conditions …. just good company.

Corp. Est. Ep1

Significant early season snowfalls prompted Perisher’s Front Valley jump line into action sooner than expected. With the stoke levels high, it didn’t take long for the boys to get back into the swing of things and start stacking shots. “Corp. Est.” is for the love of snowboarding and the good times that inherently come with it. Whether it’s dubs or front boards, this series is here to showcase individual style, creativity, and the beauty of riding with complete freedom.

Riders: Troy Sturrock, Jesse Kennedy, Josh Vagne, Angus Waddington, and Billy Hayman.

Perisher Opening Weekend 2018

The 2018 snow season is officially underway. Although the snow cover still has a way to go, snowboarding with friends is what it’s all about this early in June. Perisher provided ample cover and a couple of brand new rails for some of Australia’s best riders to have a play on.

Riders: Joel Cantle, Josh Anderson, Joss McAlpin, Raph Louis, Angus Waddington, Charles Beckinsale, and Ryan Tiene.

Film/Edit: Jakob Kennedy // Phootstep Films

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