Path Finding Japan – With DCP, JP and JF

Flying from Switzerland, over the frozen corners of Scandinavia and Russia, I couldn’t help but peer out the window like a puppy on a car ride. I was finally able to experience the sun rise, over the land so well know for it, for the first time in my life.

I’ve had the pleasure of travelling New Zealand with DCP before, so I knew I was in for an endless supply of child like energy. But my word, add a few more initials and I actually can’t find words to sum it all up. The video barely scratches the surfaces of how incredible an experience this trip was.

For me, I got to ride and film with the hero’s I’ve been inspired by for so many years. For them, an enthused rookie to Ice for 2 weeks straight. But for everyone, it is an undeniable satisfaction for generating awesome stories by traveling the world snowboarding.

A gargantuan thank you to Amine from SlidePath for getting me on this trip and adding his infamous good vibes to the adventure. Looking forward tot he next one.

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